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  1. Wondered if you could help. Came upon yuour blog due when wearching for french songs.of 80’s.
    You might just be able to help.
    I was in Val d’Isere during Winter 79/80 and heard a song on the radio. Have been trying to find it ever since.
    Song is about a telephone call – between him and her – one is French, the other I think American – part of the song is in English (I think probabably requests for more money from a telephonist). And that’s about as much as I can remember.

    So as you can imagine, it’s been quite difficult to find.

    Any suggestions? Even as to where else I could look?




  2. Hi – I also came across your french songs from the 80’s and was also hoping that you might be able to help me find a song I watched a music video of a couple of times in the late 80’s / early 90’s and have been trying to find.
    The music video takes place on a Napoleonic-type battle field, with all the constumes, etc. There are two 18th century dressed women that are vying for a the main hero (his love and one that wants to be his love), but the main hero died at the battle field.
    Would you have any clues?
    Thank you very much.


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