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    • Hi Sarkas, I am not aware of any interaction between Tamoxifen and Ella One. From a little research I did, I only found that “…Tamoxifen can increase ulipristal (EllaOne) effect and adverse reactions”, so you shouldn’t worry…


  1. Hi i tooken 2 plan B pills this month one that was for 3days and another that was for 5days and i havent gotten my period yet should i be worried im not ready to have a baby….


    • Most likely the delay you have is related to the morning after pill, as it may possible cause some menstrual abnormalities the cycle you took them- but in any case it would be a good idea to do a pregnancy test…


    • Hi Maria,
      The morning after pill will protect you against pregnancy when you take it AFTER sex. It is not clear for how long the MAP will keep working, so if you had sex again 3 days after taking it, you should probably take it again.
      Keep in mind that the MAP should be used only as emergency method, not as regular contraception. Thus, if you find that you need to take it very often, talk to your doctor about a regular birth control method that will protect you more efficiently!


  2. Hello,
    I had unprotected sex with my husband (pull out method) two days(both days) before ovulation (based on internet calculation, egg white mucus, pain and ovulation spotting) I took the morning after pill 69 hours after sex. 9 days later I spotted after sex. The day after my period was due I had very little light pink spotting (only needed a pantyliner) today which is the next day I had brown spotting now it has stopped. I keep thinking my period is coming because I have lower back pain. My periods are normally regular and heavy 7-10 days. Are these the effects of the morning after pill? I have taken it before but got a full period after never spotting. Your help is greatly appreciated.


    • Hi PJ, the morning after pill may affect your cycle and cause a different period from your normal one. Nevertheless, since you took the MAP 69 hours after the unprotected intercourse, it is not sure it worked (protection rate of about 60%). Therefore, I think it would be a good idea to take a pregnancy test, just to play on the safe side.


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