The release of the latest Linklater’s movie, Boyhood, is a good excuse to say a few words about his previous work, which happens to include three of my favourites films:

Before sunrise, Before sunset and Before midnight.

Before sunrise


Before Sunrise (1995) introduces Jesse, an american guy (Ethan Hawke), and Celine, a french girl (Julie Delpy), who meet on a train to Vienna, and a connection immediately begins between them. They both know though that this would be their only night together…

Jesse and Celine find each other again in Paris in Before Sunset (2004). It takes another nine years to discover what happened to them in Before Midnight (2013), this time in Greece.

Before Sunset


In Before Sunrise, the couple was 23 years-old and full of dreams; we find them a little more mature and wiser at their 32 in Paris. In Before Midnight, they are 41, they have worries, frustrations and they seem tired. Their endless conversations about their future, dreams and ambitions have turned into talks about the problems they face and the mistakes they have made.

And there resides the beauty of this trilogy: It’s romantic, but also pragmatic. It’s not a happily ever after story, it’s what we expect would happen to every relationship after many years of coexistence…

Before midnight


Although I loved all three films, my favourite by far is the second one, Before Sunset. The first film is fresh and simple, but the second one is a masterpiece. The subtle dialogues, that are so natural and believable; how coincidence and fate are exposed; the long shoots as they stroll in Paris that, instead of becoming boring, they make you not want to loose your attention, not even for a second… Before midnight, in my opinion, loses a little bit of its charm when they discuss with the other couples. I believe that Hawke and Delpy achieve a better chemistry when they are alone and talking….

In conclusion, the trilogy as a whole is a must-see and I recommend you to see it in its chronological order. It’s insightful but simple, subtle but transparent, sentimental but realistic. No fancy Hollywood special effects, just feelings…


4 thoughts on “CINEMA – THE “BEFORE…” TRILOGY

  1. The best thing about this trilogy is that you see Jesse and Celine growing with the years and in the end, they still are those two people with 23 years, but with more problems.

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  2. Yes, I totally agree… Hopefully we will see them again in 2022! It is so rare nowadays to find films with so much feeling… And if you liked the trilogy you should definitely see Boyhood… Another masterpiece by Linklater…



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