Iguazu 8775138259_19a743b435_oArgentina! A country that has everything, whether you like nature, culture, gastronomy, adventure, luxury, sports…

Buenos Aires, with its european tradition, its museums, theatres, restaurants. With its picturesque neighbourhoods, some bohemian, some elegant, some historical…But Argentina is not only Buenos Aires!

From Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, to La Quiaca, located on the border with Bolivia, 5121 kilometres of amazing places are waiting to be discovered: the huge blocks of ice falling from the Perito Moreno glacier; the majestic Iguazu falls surrounded by dense jungle on the border with Brazil ; the extensive Ibera wetlands with yacares, capybaras, deers and hundreds of birds species; rivers, mountains, salt deserts, vineyards, colourful mountains, lakes, eternal snows, endless sand beaches….penguins and whales, llamas and monkeys….

You like adventure? Then you won’t be disappointed! Rafting, first class skiing, trekking, parapente and kitesurf, diving and biking. Anything you need to keep your adrenaline rising….

Driven by a bit of nostalgia, and a great pride!! I prepared a slide show which (tries to) capture the natural beauty of Argentina, but also its people and traditions… The music I chose is a song by the talented Gustavo Santaolalla called “De Ushuaia a La Quiaca” (From Ushuaia to La Quiaca), and that is the way I present it, from south to north…

I intend in future to post specifically about some of the most beautiful places of Argentina in detail…

I hope you enjoy it!


Photo credits

Usuhaia: Wikimedia commonsIsla Martillo: Alessandro Grussu;  Perito Moreno: Dimitry B.; Nahuel Huapi: Wikimedia commons;  Hotel Llao Llao: Wikimedia commonsPeninsula de Valdes: Wikimedia commonsWhale: theargentinaspecialistsVolcan Lanin: David Becker; Mendoza vineyards: Tony Bailey; Las Leñas black pist Ceñidor: Mariano Mantel; Valle de la luna: Guslight; Villa Gesell: Grischa Brockhaus; Buenos Aires: Aires, Puente de la mujer: Wikimedia CommonsTango dancers Palermo: José María Pérez Nuñez; La cancha: j ua ni *; Caminito: Wikimedia CommonsAsado a la estaca: Nico Aguilera; Tigre: Miguel Vieira; San Antonio de Areco – Estancia Gaucha: Alberto Gonzalez; Santa Fe campo: Claudio.Ar; Dique San Roque: Giardino: nacional el Palmar: ljndr; Esteros del Ibera: Pablo Dodda; Gaucho drinking mate: Eduardo Amorim; San Ignacio Mini Ruinas Jesuitas: Stella Maris; Parque Nacional Iguazu: Wikimedia commonsIguazu falls: Erik Schepers; Tren de las nubes: Viajá por tu País; Salinas Grandes: mariusz kluzniak; Humahuaca cactus: Ariel Diacovetzky; Cerro de los 7 colores: Klaus Balzano; Coyas: Voyages Lambert; Purmamarca: Adry; Llama: David; La Quiaca: Luzux; Bandera argentina: Beatrice Murch

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