Bottle wishes 14663843243_2097cd8495_kA new year always comes with some resolutions: exercise more, eat healthier, work less, travel more… Today though, instead of writing down my New Year’s resolutions, I decided to go a step further and make my Bucket list…

For those of you who never heard of it, “Bucket list” means “Things I want to do before I die”, and comes from the expression kick the bucket (to die). I prefer to give it a more cheerful connotation, therefore instead of naming it “My Bucket list” I will call it “My Wish list”…

Some of the wishes may be feasible, some others not, but who cares? Dreaming doesn’t cost anything!

1. Road trip in Latin America

Latin America Collage resizedA lifetime dream….Going from Baja California, the Northernmost area of Mexico, to the extreme south in Chile, from Punta Pariñas in Peru, all the way east to Ponta do Seixas in Brazil. Staying with locals, seeing non touristic places, admiring its natural wonders, with no rush or deadlines…

Get inspired:

Ecuador cuenca_view thumbnail Simon and Erin are a couple of English digital nomads. They sold everything in 2010, travel the world and share their experiences in their blog. Read their post, The Best Latin America Travel Blogs, and get some travel ideas…

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Motorcycle Diaries 1 thumbnail

Movies that inspire life-changing travel: Sometimes movies get us truly inspired… The Motorcycle Diaries is one of those films that can grow on you the idea of visiting Latin America…

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2. Gourmet tour in Europe 

Food Europe_Collage resizedI love ethnic food! In my opinion, trying local tastes is among the greatest pleasures of traveling. Europe is my top eating destination, with its variety and richness… Just imagine: some viennoiserie for breakfast in Paris, a stopover for a glass of beer in Berlin, some tapas in Barcelona at noon, tea time in London, back to Brussels to grab some chocolate, a good pasta for dinner in Rome, some wine and cheese in Bordeaux, a piece of Sachertorte in Vienna, some scotch on the rocks in Edinburgh…Yummy!

Get inspired:

Viator thumbnail you will find in this site an impressive list of Food tours in different European cities.

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Tripologist resized the post A Culinary Tour Through Western Europe will give you some tips for eating while traveling in Spain, France and the Netherlands.

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3. Visit all most of the Greek islands

Greece_Collage resizedFor those of you who haven’t been to Greece, don’t hesitate to add it to your wish list. It’s such a beautiful country! Greek islands are a must and I included them in my list without a second thought. A lifetime would not be enough to see them all (there are over 6000!!), but I would like to visit most of them… They are all different, each one with its unique beauty…

Get inspired:

Greeka thumbnail this site is considered one of the top web resources to organize a trip to Greece. Check out their list on the best Greek islands, ranked by popularity

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Visit Greece thumbnail the official site of the Greek National Tourism Organisation, is a beautiful site with useful tips on where to go, activities, events, etc. Check out also their interesting blog…

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4. A cultural -and shopping- trip to New York 

New York_Collage resizedAfter living, loving and leaving NY long ago, I can’t wait to go back… Actually NY is among my next travel destinations…. Museums, art galleries, theaters, Broadway and off Broadway… One thing you can be sure of: you won’t get bored in New York! But NY is also a shopping experience: from super luxury to bargain, you will find anything you want….Whether strolling along the Fifth avenue, getting into designers’ stores in Madison Avenue, or wandering in SoHo…welcome to shopping paradise!…

Get inspired:

Barneys_New_York_resized in this site you will find a list with the best places to shop in style while in New York…

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Almost free NYC thumbnail Think New York is too expensive? Check out this blog to get the most of The City on a budget…

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5. A trip to India

India_Collage resizedIndia is one of these destinations I always wanted to visit but I never managed to… I would love to have some meditation time in Dharamshala, experience the chaos and contrasts of Mumbai, admire the majestic Taj Mahal, stay in Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India, and relax on the beach in Goa!

Get inspired

Goindia thumbnail this site will guide you to places you must see in India, through the eyes of Sharrell Cook, an Australian who first went for a visit and ended up falling in love with India and finally moving there.

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Top India Travel Bloggers thumbnail this site provides information on Pilgrimage places in India. Their article Top India Travel Bloggers lists several bloggers, from different backgrounds, who love India and share their travelogs in their blogs…

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6. Learn more languages 

Colosseum_in_Rome,_Italy_-_April_2007As with ethnic food, languages are a great way to get to know in depth the culture of a country. I love to learn different languages… Italian is for sure my next one, followed by Portuguese, and then maybe Japanese?

Get inspired

Languages thumbnail 6976818221_2a4e9e63e0_q If you want to learn foreign languages, this is your site! Donovan, an Australian with a huge passion for language learning, offers tips, encouragement and travel advice. His article, 16 Prolific Language Learning Bloggers You Should Follow, lists the most authoritative bloggers on language learning.

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languages medicaldaily thumbnail

Benefits of language learning: Not convinced yet? Check the articles below. Bilingualism boosts the IQ  and reduces the chances of dementia and Alzheimer.

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and more


7. Improve my ski skills

Ski 5536442117_393c94110e_bI am not a sports person, but I love ski! There is something about it: gliding on the snow and feeling the wind on your face, admiring the beauty of the snow-capped mountains, the rewarding feeling of freedom and accomplishment… And of course, the après ski! My wish is to be able to tackle more difficult runs, and yes, to be able to do it more often….

Get inspired

family ski bliss thumbnail site that provides useful skiing tips and ski resorts reviews. Check their Top 10 Reasons to Love Skiing and maybe you will become a ski lover, too!

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Woman Skier thumbnail 5591528187_8e49da5a0a_bSkiing in the French Alps: France is one of the world’s top ski destinations, with excellent resorts and a super well organised ski school.

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Thinking about making your own wish list?

Bucket list thumbnail


Then, check Lesley Carter’s blog Her blog is really inspirational, as she makes her bucket list come true: she quit her “regular” job and travels all over the world…



I hope you got some inspiration to write your own wish list… and you share it with us!

Photo credits
Intro: ruben alexander; Latin America: Jeff Stvan, Dimitry B., Alfredo Miguel Romero,; Europe: zoph,, Jenny,; Greece: Richard Martin, Daniel Muñoz Uribe, Robert Wallace,; New York: r hahs,, Wikimedia commons,, Emmanuel Huybrechts, India: Meena Kadri, Dennis Jarvis, Wikimedia commons, Wikimedia commons; Languages: Wikimedia commons, geraldford; Ski: Gunther Sader

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