My first musical post will be dedicated -of course!- to tango. This time in its more contemporary form, electronic tango, of which undoubtedly Gotan Project is one of its best representatives.

Actually, only one of the three Gotan Project members (Eduardo Makaroff) is Argentine, the other two being Swiss (Christoph Muller) and French (Philippe Cohen Solal).The name Gotan comes from the inversion of the two syllables of “Tango”, something commonly used in lunfardo (Argentina’s argot). Their first album, La Revancha del Tango was released in 2001, and was a huge success. Songs like Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre) and El capitalismo foráneo (with the voice of Evita Perón) featured in movies, TV series and commercials. The following albums, Inspiración Espiración and Lunático, although less successful, were acclaimed by the public and critics.

I had a hard time deciding which video I would include in this post, but I finally chose one from their latest album, Tango 3.0, released in 2010. The song is called La Gloria, where we hear the voice of a very famous football commentator, Victor Hugo Morales, who instead of commenting on football players and shouting his signature “goooool”, he presents the members of the group and finally shouts: “goooootan”…. I feel this video combines very nicely the two biggest passions of Argentines: tango and football…

Enjoy it!

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